Jim, Frank, and Jerry….as Muppets!

I’ve been looking for these two clips for a while; they feature hilarious caricatures of Jim Henson, Frank Oz, and Jerry Nelson. At the Center for Puppetry Arts, the Jim puppet is currently on display, and yet another clip of these three little guys plays in which Jim, Frank and Jerry then walk out from behind a stage, dressed exactly like their Muppet likenesses.



  1. That clip of the guys with their puppet counterparts HAS to be out there someplace! Completely blew Dick Cavett’s mind, too. Hee.

    The Jim portrait puppet is a real work of art–You can’t fully appreciate him (or any Muppet for that matter, in my opinion) until you see him in person. Er, in puppet, rather. My respect for the craftsmanship involved with puppetry just keeps going further and further up the more I see.

    I ADORE that second clip. That’s actually one of my favorite Roger Miller songs and seeing these little guys perform it makes me grin like a goon.

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