Bea Arthur and Madame.

Love you, ladies.:)



  1. This makes me miss them both. Their attitudes are so suited to each other!

    I’ll be looking for “Madame’s Place” clips on YouTube. I remember her being on every variety show out there during the late 70s/early 80s, as well as taking the center square after my beloved Paul Lynde. 🙂

    1. Oh, I liked Paul Lynde too!!
      “Madame’s Place” put me in hysterics. God, I loved that show.I remember the first episode I ever saw, a magician was sawing her in half and I laughed as hard as I did at Puppet Up. I was like, “WHAT IS THIS SHOW??”

      1. I asked Mom if she knew Madame had her own show and she gave me such a “DUH!” look and said, “Yes!” I feel deprived. Maybe I saw it and don’t remember it. ARGH.

        I must download clips now! If it ranks up there with the hot dogs, I NEED IT.

        1. That was the show in which Madame’s TV competition, Lynn LaVeche, was supposedly having Ringo Starr on her show, “Nude All-Star Bowling”. Madame had to find something for her show to compete in the ratings!!! LOL

          1. *currently dying of giggles* I can see her point–That’s a ratings sweeps! XD

            Why is this show not on DVD? It so needs to be!

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