Coco Progressing Nicely.

Well, she’s pulled me in at least two different directions now. I took her little nekkid head with me to several craft stores and even Goodwill, looking for things to embellish her; I still wasn’t sure if  I’d give her a mane of human-like hair, or if she’d have horns or spikes or big ears or what.


She has two enormous fake pheasant feathers for..well…”poongas” on top of her head. They kinda look like horns,eh? I also  gave her some thick doll eyelashes. A feather boa in many shades of brown is her “hair”, and she has the big foam ears that seem to be my dragon trademark.

I love things stylized. I don’t go for realism with my puppets. Other people can do it much better, but it isn’t my strong point.


Something I experimented with are the spiky things behind her ears; they are bits and pieces of two different kinds of plastic plants that have these crazy squiggly and spiky leaves. I think they add a little more “oomph” to her appearance.

She still needs nostrils, and her arms and legs, but once I started putting stuff on her, I couldn’t stop, and I had to go on and finish her features. Now I have to be extra-careful with her while sewing on her limbs.

The people at the various stores I visited today were totally fascinated by her–they helped me put wigs and falls on her, assisted in looking for unusual things(like fake plants) to add interest and texture, and some people just went and grabbed their kids to come look. And she was totally bare, then, I’d love to see their reactions over how she looks now!



  1. WOW

    She’s really turning out gorgeous! Get her some limbs, a fluffy couch and some sweet tea, she’s ready to go! Ah do declare…

    Silly question: Will she have a tail like in the sketches? Just curious. 🙂

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