Cosmic Cow!


Anyone remember the show Too Close for Comfort, about cartoonist Henry Rush(Ted Knight) and wife Muriel(Nancy Dussault), and their two single daughters who lived downstairs? Henry worked at home on his comic strip called “Cosmic Cow”, a children’s strip about a bovine space cadet heroine righting the wrongs in the universe. He found that he could be more creative if he had a puppet of Cosmic Cow with him as he worked, and he occasionally even asked her advice on how the plot was progressing. He had her answer in a sort of female Ed Wynn-style voice.

The puppet had a soft, friendly face that was green and white, yellow horns with sparkly discs on the tips, and wore a little green and silver space suit.

I watched this show every afternoon after school, and I always wanted a Cosmic Cow puppet. I remember Henry talking to Muriel about one strip he was working on; Cosmic Cow had crash-landed on a desert planet, and she was so dehydrated she could only give powdered milk!


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