More Coco Progress.


Here’s a much nicer pic of her face.  I still want to give her proper nostrils, I think.

Her long eyelashes have been replaced. I was using plastic doll eyelashes, which I should have remembered from a previous experience long ago; that they are an absolute pain in the tail to use if you have a large eye to work with. Since they are are a long strip of plastic, they fight you constantly as you feebly battle with them to stay stuck down on the eye. You think you have them conquered, and “sproing!” they pop up again. Anyway, having become totally pissed off  with them, I ripped them off and gave Coco eyelashes of a mottled black-and-white fake fur, snipped and sculpted down to the right length. Much better.


Here’s a back view of her tail.  I almost had her arms ready to sew on today,and they looked wonderful. Then I realized I had completely sewn them all up without putting the rods in. (facepalm)

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