All she needs now is some jewelry.:)



    1. Thanks, Charles! Oh, god, yes, tons of them–not just the ones I’ve been making now for my planned shows, but also from when I made them as a teenager. Many storage tubs full:)

      1. I can attest to this comment for I have seen the senior puppets!

        And they are *gorgeous*, so there. 😀 I’m hoping all their photos/profiles eventually make it to the Puppatoons character guide.

  1. She looks FABULOUS! I can’t wait to meet her. 🙂 In that first pic, I thought she already had earrings, but I see now that’s the doorknob peeping around her. *facepalm* Pardon my astigmatism.

    I just noticed–Did you take off the ruff? I thought I saw one in the previous update.

    Fabulous girl, though. LOVERLY. 😀

    1. …and truthfully,I’m still not 100%happy, though. Today I’m going to experiment with giving her fleece limbs, like Hari’s.There’s something…bulky about the fur ones.

      1. Eep, a limb-ectomy! Curious: Did you make little foam tubes for her limbs or stuff them with poly-fil? I think they look great as they are, but it’s up to you since you’re the one operating her.

        Idea: Have you thought about putting little wire armatures inside her fingers? Just a thought.


        1. I actually didn’t do the foam tubes;sometimes I simply like using polyfil, probably because I make such teeny-skinny arms. And, although I’m an advocate of using foam wherever possible to cut down on weight, sometimes I don’t use it because…well…..I have 20-year-old puppets that have rotten foam parts. I know I should use the foam, but I know how it will deteriorate, so sometimes I actually balk at it. *torn*
          Hari’s arms are poly-fil-stuffed, and I totally love them;I would love it if her arms could be just like his, only a wee bit more small and feminine.
          As for the wire armatures, I’ve looked at the wonderful tutorials, seen your puppets with their lovely hands, and I simply sigh and say, “Haven’t got the patience”. I keep things so simple with my puppets it’s kinda sad. But I should try new things.

          1. I’m terrified of the eventual foam breakdown that my puppets will suffer…but that’s why we have patterns and reference pics. *whimper*

            Ooo, there’s some spotted velboa (I think that’s the name) fabric at Joann’s that you could use for more dainty arms. It’s about the same thickness as fleece, so if you couldn’t find spotted fleece…

            Aw honey, if I can develop the patience to do that stuff, you can too! 😀 For teeny hands like Hari’s and Coco’s, I could probably come up with a pattern and all for you. Let me experiment and fiddle with the idea some. I still owe you invisible stitch help–We never got that far when I was down there last time. *wah*

            I should add that I’m not saying to replace anyone’s hands (that’s solely at your discretion), I’m only making suggestions for future members of the Puppatoons family. [/clarifying statement] 🙂

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