Dorothy Zbornak and Kolak.

I’m always trying to find instances of my favorite stars with puppets, no matter how terrible or insignificant! Of course, sometimes these moments are pure gems.

So here’s Bea Arthur in an episode of The Golden Girls called “Mr. Terrific”. In this episode,Rose begins to date “Mr. Terrific,” a kiddie show host, who gets fired when Dorothy gets a part-time job as a consultant on the show, a job he helped her get.


In this screencap(or rather, a photo of a screencap), a horrendous puppet on Mr. Terrific’s show called Kolak gives Dorothy Zbornak a hard time for getting his boss fired. Dorothy has to substitute as the host on the show, and Kolak harasses her relentlessly.


Isn’t he adorably hideous, folks? I can’t even begin to explain the design process, here. Of course, he’s supposed to look “low budget”,but in a way that look sorta juices up his hilarity. It almost looks like he’s a fur mascot glove stuck over another puppet, like maybe a dinosaur(because of the sharp teeth). Add two standard wiggle eyes and you have Kolak.


Kolak was actually two puppets hybridized together–some sort of brown dinosaur’s face was stuck through the middle of the spider-thing’s body. The spider-thing is actually a creature puppet made by animal fair(I found it on ebay):

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