Oh, Sweet Harvest.

I confess; I am a Goodwill addict. It’s mainly because I can always find something I never even knew I was looking for.I come across so many amazing things, especially for puppet building.

I admit, I used to completely balk at the thought of using anything that was a textile that came from Goodwill. Then one day I bought a set of dark blue sheets to use as a cover for my bird cages, and after they went through a  good “cootie wash”  in the machine, they smelled great,looked fine, and my fear was gone. But the real test came when I found some perfect purple fur, in the form of a pillow, for S.G.. So, I took a chance and bought the fur, gutted the pillow outside,washed the fabric twice in hot water, and..wow. It came out looking faboo; silky soft and clean. AND SO FREAKIN’ COOL.

It’s not a very attractive photo, so I’ll put it after the link. Click here to see the harvest from my recent hunting trips.goodwillharvest5_09

Oops, looks like I have a typo or two in the descriptions. But anyway, I’ve found that the materials are now inspiring me; used to, I would come up with a character, sketch it out, and then search endlessly for the right furs and fabrics,sometimes with little success, sometimes with stunning results. Now,I see a cool fabric, and the wheels start grinding in my brain, thinking of who or what could be made from it!

The best find ever has been the powder-blue shaggy sleeping bag, which I split with Smits. We split the argyle fur pillow, too-whodathunk we’d find something like that?

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