Fun with Coco at the Renn Fest.

I really must extend a huge thanks for our friend Captain Griffin. Whenever our group of friends is on an outing, she’s always the one with camera-at-the-ready. She’s often not in any of our group pics because she’s the one taking the photos. And sometimes, like in this case, people have cameras but can’t reach them, and she steps right in and takes care of things. So here, folks, is a sampling of what sheΒ  does for us:


That’s Steve in the upper face.:)


Coco checks out the sign “Dragon Eggs” (a booth that sells geodes that you break in half)


Coco converses with the egg-laying dragon.


She seemed a little annoyed at the sign for the food court.


Coco makes a big, green friend.


Then she meets her knight in shining armor.


Admiring handsome models.


Chatting with one of the Tortuga Twins



This is her kind of shop!


Group picture assembled from two pics to include everyone. L-R: Detag,Coco,The Captain, Me, Steve (with Kyle behind us), Jesse, Hal, and Mrs. Hal.

Look very closely at Detag’s shirt. It’s his special shirt he wears to the Renn Fest every year, with two mating unicorns on it. πŸ˜€

My dear husband even helped with the Puppatoons advertising by wearing his logo shirt as well.:)

Thanks, Cap’n!!



  1. I loveloveLOVE this. Sorry it’s taken me so long to comment on it!

    Coco looks like she had a great time (so do you and your whole group). OH–Tell Detag I adore that shirt. The world needs more unicorns, Detag! XD

    Coco is so cute. I love her attitude.

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