The Blue Rattler Rides Again!

Have I mentioned how much I love Goodwill and thrift stores for finding puppet building stuff? Have I also mentioned how awesome it is to find stuff for costumes?

For instance, consider our Haunted Mansion ghost costumes:


The candelabra, two of the men’s shirts,my bridal gown,the tablecloth that became the bridal veil, two pairs of the men’s pants, some of the fabric that was made  raggedy and the red scarf were all, to the best of my knowledge, second-hand finds. Folks, it’s a creative gold mine out there in shops like Goodwill, St. Vinny’s (St. Vincent de Paul’s) and thrift stores. Of course, the hunt is half the fun. And most importantly, organizations like Goodwill help people who face genuine obstacles toward getting employment receive training and education to get jobs.

On my last visit I picked up some hats. It’s hard to wash a rigid hat, and god knows what might be in there,so you have to be a little careful with them if you buy them. I mean, I love finding second-hand stuff but let’s be realistic here. Anyway, there was a large stack of identical,cheap vinyl hats in a sort of snakeskin/alligator pattern. They must have been excess store stock or something, because they were all clean,brand new, and some had tags. There were maybe 20 of them, all dark green and alligatory-looking, except one. I bought one of the green ones, and this awesomely tacky blue rattlesnake number:


I love it. I wish I could wear it out in public, but…nah. I’d need maybe a bullwhip to go with it…haha.*crrack*

It is terrific costume or puppethead fodder, however.


One comment

  1. Make a silly Western serial!

    A silly Western cereal would be fine too. 🙂

    Thrift stores provide us with the most wonderful stuff, don’t they? Meant to tell you I’d found a child’s size Spidey flipper and all I can think of is an exotic dragon face.

    You’ve infected me with your found object-itis. 😛

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