Plush, plush, and more plush.

It was a very good thrift store hunting day yesterday. I scored yet another fuzzy blue sleeping bag, although its fur is shorter and was,well…kinda matted, but a great color. I got it home, gutted it from the lining, washed it, and combed it, and now it looks pretty darned spiffy. Almost a yard of good blue fur for $4. Can’t beat that. It might end up as another relative of Mo. Maybe Mo’s Mom. The first blue sleeping bag fur will be Mo’s little brother Ewbee.

Another thing I found was the small, skanky love-child of the monstrous orange pillow that Smits got when she was here. It of course was relieved of its stuffing, wahsed and combed and it’s shiny and silky. The third plush goodie Iย  snagged was a leopard print oven mitt. It’s weird, but it was brand new with the tag still on. I washed it anyway.

The last thing was some LOUD hot pink polyester with a kickass op artย  raised design woven all through it; same color all over, but the waves definitely show and it would be the coolest alien space monster skin.


One comment

  1. Woohoo, some of my good juju is still down there! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ve still got to comb out the formerly skanky orange fur so it looks presentable. Even looking all unkempt, it’s still in better shape than it was when it was still an old 70s pillow.

    YOU MUST MAKE EWBEE. He’s so teeny and cute! (I’d like to see Gorren come to life one of these days. Mom would too, I have her curious.)

    That last material sounds pretty neat for an alien. I wanna see what crawls out of your mind there.

    I haven’t taken them apart yet (though they’ve been cootie-washed already), but did I tell you about the hot pink furry boot-slippers I found? Looks like someone killed a psychedelic yeti. I need to take pics of my little hauls. (BTW, I have found NO furry coats or sleeping bags up here. Our Goodwills have stashed the coats and fuzzy things till fall, apparently. WOE.)

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