Mr. Meany.


“What’re you lookin’ at, punk? I oughta bite your ankle!”


“You still want a piece of me? Get off my lawn, ya jerk!”

Mr.Meany has come to us compliments of the Conyers Goodwill, where we went after spending the early part of the day doing a 501st Troop at the GBI for Kid Safety. I didn’t find much in the way of plush stuff, but I did find this strange yellow 38-cent object which kind of looks like something for making ravioli..maybe pinching the pasta together? Anyway, turning it over, damn if it didn’t make the meanest little mouth I ever saw. And it can deliver a painful bite.

The little gadget that makes his nose was something else I found; a whole pack of them in many crayon-bright colors. They seem to be made of vinyl, but I cannot figure out what they are for, either. Any ideas?

It’s been a long, exciting day and my bum arm is throbbing badly. Probably time to close up shop.:)


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