Public Service Announcements: Pet Rescue

After watching the very inspiring March of Dimes public service film by Bil and Cora Baird, I am seriously considering doing public service announcements with my puppets. Right now I want to cover how it’s illegal here to keep your dog chained, but there’s so much more I could do.

Of course, using “humanized” animal puppets that talk and such, it’s awkward  breaching the subject of spaying and neutering. How you get a dog puppet to say “Be sure to get me neutered, so I won’t keep trying to run off and impregnante bitches I can smell six miles away!” without it sounding totally ludicrous? So, in that case, I might have a silent, serious “Spay and Neuter” subtitle at the end of the announcement as a reminder..kinda like the sped-up, fine-print tax-tag-and-title garble at the end of car commercials.

Other issues I could cover could be:

Moving away and leaving your pet behind

Not getting your pet vaccinated

Letting animals run loose–they don’t make good decisions about crossing streets

Keeping dogs tied or in a tiny outdoor pen acres away from their families,making them lonely and frustrated

Blaming your cat for a stinky litter box if you never clean it

Leaving animals in hot cars

Outdoor cats–not safe!

Invisible fences–they may keep your dog in, but don’t keep other dogs out

Adopt, adopt, adopt

Volunteer at an animal shelter

Don’t get your kid a pet to “teach him responsibility” if you aren’t going to save the pet when the kid isn’t responsible.


I don’t know if I would officially make them from my family’s animal shelter or not, but I suppose that could get us exposure for donations.


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