The Fur, Oven Mitt, and the Pink Mod Fabric.


Here’s the groomed blue fur and the orange. The blue still has a “worn” look, somewhat, but nowhere near like it did before. The orange is very shiny and silky. I wonder if I should try selling this stuff? I certainly have access to a lot of secondhand stores where I am.


And..the oven mitt, which I left intact because it was A) new with a tag, and B) already nicely sewn together, so I might conform a puppety head or body to work with its shape.


This is the pink stuff. It is very stretchy, like swimsuit fabric, but it doesn’t quite seem like swimsuit fabric. My grandmother used to make all her own clothes in the 60’s and 70’s, and it reminds me of the boxes and boxes of scraps of polyester she used to keep in the attic. God,I cried when her house was cleaned out(she moved to an assisted living home) and all that fabric was tossed.


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