Repurposing Arrow.


I have absolutely got to do something with dear little Arrow, and I think I’ve got it.

Since Arrow is meant to be slightly more realistic than my other characters, I think it would be nice to have him in an internet show talking about nature–why not a little under-five-minute show about watching backyard birds? Each show could cover a different kind of bird, what it likes to eat at your feeder, and interesting points about the bird. Of course, since Arrow doesn’t talk—he only communicates with pecking and pantomime– I would be doing all the talking while he reacts.

I very much like our local store called Bird Watchers Supply, and I wonder if they would give me pointers and advice on bird feeding  if I credited them. I mean I know the basics, but these people are hard core experts! I’d love to give them a little free advertising if they’d mention me somehow on their site–this arrangement would simply help me get material for the show and a bit of exposure, and it would be an educational show to boot, so it seems almost a win-win. I’m going to contact them and see what they think.

I’m gently tossing around the name “Featherfriends” for the show. Again, a very short, regular presentation, just a few minutes long. Trying to build up a repertoire of short films.


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