I’m gonna do it. It my be a while before I get to it, but I am definitely going to do something helpful with cat and dog puppets as short public service announcements. It’s the perfect vehicle for something I’ve wanted to do for a long time: make a puppet of my dog, Trinket.


Trinket was my first dog; we got her when I was five, I think. Oh, how I loved that dog. She was from our next door neighbors who kept letting their dogs have puppies over and over. Trinket’s mom was a black dachshund named Frances and her father was a black poodle. Why Trinket was an apricot color, I’m not sure.


Here I am at ten years old with my dirty mop dog. Since she was half poodle, Trinket’s hair grew like one, and right before summer we would get her shaved. Trinket loved mud and dirt, as you can see. Trinket lived outside, but she had a little heated doghouse and that was back when I,like other kids, spent the whole day outside, so she always had someone around to play with. As a child,I taught this dog how to sit, shake, and speak, and my dad taught her to roll over. She always loved to go for walks and was a friend to everybody.

When she got a bit older we kept her in the garage and let her come in the house a lot, but she still always wanted to go out in “her” yard. Trinket was a bit of a barker, and her bark was a perfect word: “BARK”. She would sit on her butt in the backyard, look around, and go, “Bark! Bark! Bark!” until you stuck your head out the door and told her to shut up.

Trinket left us when she was about 17..she was having various health problems and at last my parents had her mercifully put down. I still have her little rhinestone collar.


This was just a quick five-second sketch I did,but in a way I think it captures Trink.



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