Beaded Lanyard Blabberblabber.

I want to make a beaded lanyard.Or rather, I’d like for my mom to make me one; she’s been getting into crafting with beads lately and I know it would make her feel good to make something I’d like. So, I asked for a lanyard, to put my ID in, for conventions and such. I’ve picked out some lovely beads, and then I thought I’d look for “how to make a beaded lanyard” and “beaded lanyard pattern” on the intertoobz.

It took longer than I thought to come up with anything. At last, an image search brought up this picture:


It’s perfect; exactly what I was looking for. Just change out some beads to the colors I like and presto!

Hoping for the pattern and instructions, I looked at the text below it:

There are numerous kinds of designs and beads which you can have in the market so it is up to you that which kind of design or which kind of bead you want or you are searching for. Not only design you must check the color of the beads so that you can get that thing for which you are thinking or you have decided. If you find any kind of difficulty in getting the desired beaded lanyard then you can make a visit on internet because as we all know that there are number of sites on internet were you can get the desired beaded lanyard and if you can’t find that then on internet you can get the knowledge about the shops or places where you can get the desired beaded lanyard but the only thing is to be done is that make a search so that you can get the information correctly about the place as to where you should go and get desired beaded lanyard.

Gee,thanks. 😡



  1. Sweetheart, I think that just ate my brain, plzkthnx.

    HOWEVER! I think I can help. What I would do to make one of these is get a large strand of strong fishing line or clear thread it needs to be a least as long as from the bottom of your sternum, around your neck and back. Twice if you want it about as long as that pictured one appears to be.

    Tie one side of a clasp (the kind they use on necklaces) to the end of the line and bead half way along the strand. Use a bigger bead just before the middle. For the next you need the clip and keyring, this one appears to have the clip holding the keyring but you could easily attach them separately if you wanted to make sure the keyring isn’t going anywhere. Thread the clip/keyring either directly onto the strand onto a small D or circle ring tied onto the strand and then attach the clip/keyring onto it using the end of the clip made for threading onto a string or ribbon.

    Once you have those secured thread the strand back through the larger bead to make the sort of “end bead” or “pendant” look. Continue beading until you’re equal to the otherside and attach the other part of the clasp securely. You may want to glue the tied bits or something to make sure they stay strong… does this all make sense?

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