Ded Bob Approves!


Here’s Coco with Ded Bob again at the Renn Fest (see previous post). I totally forgot to mention what he said:

Ded Bob(holding Coco’s hand) “Hey, yer hot, baby. Wanna come to my trailer out back?”

Coco: “Perhaps when we’ve got some time off, honey. I’m working, too!”

Ded Bob(looking around): “Is anyone seein’ this? Damn, this bitch is like somethin’ Jim Henson created in his basement after an all-night acid trip!” (turns back to Coco before leaving) “Yer awesome, baby!”

I wrote to Ded Bob yesterday and sent him some of the Coco-and-Ded-Bob pics, and got back a great reply!

“thanks fer the pic’s,
coco is hot, is she married? i got a cousin who needs citizinship,
come see us again sometime.

You can see our pal Jesse in the white shirt, and my dear handsome husband took the photo.

I also forgot to mention my Tomato Toss throw. We walked past the games section, and this crazy sap had his head stuck through a hole and festivalgoers could chuck tomatoes at him to win a prize. And hoo, boy, would he insult you. Now, crazily enough, as he started insulting me when I walked by, insinuating I liked sticking my arm up the butts of innocent monster-things, he  actually kinda shup up once I turned around and started heading for him. I especially couldn’t resist his partner telling me I could have a free shot. Then both of them–tomato-handler and tomato-catcher—actually started complimenting Coco, but then realized people were watching and had to get “back to work”. So the guy with his head through the fence started it up again, and the tomato-handler gave me a big, juicy, overripe tomato that nearly burst in my hand. And, still with Coco on my right arm, I made a super-kickass left-handed throw and almost got the head-thru-hole guy right in the  chin. I was off by INCHES. Steve and Detag clapped and cheered, commending my left-handed throw. I was pretty proud of my lilttle self, and I’m sure the Tomato Toss guys were surprised.

I’m ambidextrous, folks. 🙂


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