Yadda Arm Disaster.

I have now decreed that the YaddaDaddas will remain armless.


They look ridiculous.


Poor Bleach was the recipient of these weird little sausage arms today, and he didn’t look too happy about it.

I don’t like how they feel or work; so I finally decided they will be limbless, like little snakes. Not a problem, really; I’ve gotten so used to them without arms.I just wish I’d tried them earlier, as I spent all of today cutting out and sewing arms to put on all these guys.

The Feetles will simply be a subspecies of Yadda that has small arms. Can’t really play guitars without them.


  1. What if you needle sculpted elbows and hands? it’s not too hard. It might improve the visual effect – I don’t think they look *too* bad.

    1. Oh, I did try making little elbows, but it Just. Didn’t. Look. Right. Argh. I did want them to have little round “hands”–so the ends of the arms weren’t the problem. They simply look like sausages, LOL…
      I also discovered that it’s a tremendous strain on anything sewed to these sock puppets because of all the stretching involved in putting them on and situating them on your arm/hand. So in the end, it may be worth my while to leave them armless anywhoo.
      A good thing about their limblessness is how portable they are–I can pop two or three in a ziploc and stick ‘em in my purse and they can be taken out on location for hilarity, which might be a project brewing in the works…:)

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