I think I just made my own White Fang.

As a fan of The Soupy Sales Show, I always get a huge laugh out of Soupy’s two gigantic “dogs”, White Fang and Black Tooth.


Here’s Soupy being accosted by none other than “The Biggest, Meanest Dog in the United States”, White Fang.  Fang was played by film editor Clyde Adler, in a giant white shaggy paw (with black triangular felt claws) jutting out from the corner of the screen.

Black Tooth, in contrast, was”The Biggest, Sweetest Dog in the United States” and was portrayed with a brown glove with claws. Both “dogs” spoke with unintelligible short grunts and growls(White Fang meaner and Black Tooth sweeter), which Soupy repeated back in English for comic effect.

You can see both of them in this clip with Alice Cooper as a guest(oh, god,I love this clip!).

Poor bug.:(

Anyway, at the dollar store not too long ago, Steve found this white paw glove, complete with paw pads and vinyl claws. After sewing it to the orange plush I got at Goodwill recently, I ended up with this:


I think for now I’ll just call it Big Kitty. 😀


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