Ginger, the Sweet Kitty! NOT!


I’ve got it! I think I’ve really got something I can do with this big paw-thing. First I need to paint black stripes on it with fabric paint. Then, if Steve will go along with the gag (and perhaps our friend Jerry, who I’ve asked about recruiting for a few short films…maybe even Detag because he’s such a ham), this will be Steve’s pet, Ginger, who he treats like a sweet little kitty but who is actually a TIGER.

I’ve already been coming up with gags in my head, and I need to write them down, darnitall. Basically it’s a genuine nod to the White Fang animal-off-camera deal, but still takes off on its own path. Various situations would be presented in which Steve’s cat would be doing something that a regular small house cat would do but on a much larger and very destructive scale, and Steve (or rather, Steve’s character, whatever we make him) would be completely oblivious to the fact that Ginger is not a little darling kitty but a huge 300-pound jungle beast.



  1. My mind just boggled at the size of the various cat things Ginger would need–Cat toys, cat bed and…the dreaded litterbox.


    I imagine guests will leave with bandages after playing with the sweet kitty, huh? 🙂

    “Aww, he really likes you!”

    1. I know! Think of her catnip ball( a basketball), the “thing she dragged in from outside”( a dead alligator),her food bowl ( a large pan) and her collar( a belt)!

      1. XD

        How about the size of her nametag? And what if she wandered off accidentally?


        I so adore this concept already. 🙂

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