Who Shot J.R. Woodpecker?


Again, this is not my Woody Woodpecker puppet, but I have one identical to it; it’ssimply packed away someplace I can’t really get to at the moment. But I just remembered an important part my Woody puppet played in my education; the infamous Smoke Rise Elementary Fourth Grade Presentation Who Shot J.R. Woodpecker?

Okay, so it wasn’t that big of a production. Really it was four or five of us in a study group, and I think the assignment was to do a parody of a present-day TV show. Back then, Dallas was on our TV’s every Saturday night, so our group snatched it up before anyone else could! Since I was the one with all the puppets, most of my puppet toys starred in one weird way or another in this production, but the only ones I can remember were J.R. Woodpecker and Sue Ellen Crocodile. I think we had a parrot, a horse, a zebra and a hound dog, as those were my other puppet toys at the time(and, to be fair, a few of the other kids contributed some puppets) but now I can’t picture who was who. Surely we had Bobby, Miss Ellie, Jock, Lucy and Pamela. Anyway, there was, of course, the big scene behind a sheet in which J.R. Woodpecker was shot, and nobody knew who did it!

We left it on a cliffhanger.


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