Snud and Snarky.

These two creatures with elephantine snouts, aardvark claws, prickly fur and strangely column-like legs have been around a few years but I’ve never really done anything with them. I did have them as a pair of wisecracking guards outside a monsterish manor once, and they wore metal spurs on their ankles.

I’ve seriously been thinking about them as puppets now, done in bunraku style. One puppeteer for each character, but operating the head and the legs and possibly letting the arms dangle free. I can see them still as  total smartasses and ganging up on anyone to pick at them;one on each side, harassing a person about his/her clothes, hair, etc..but right before they go too far, they suddenly have an attack of consicence and back off, apologizing. So, they’re really sweet at heart, just big blowhards.


This is Snud. You can tell him from Snarky because he has bushier eyebrows.


Snarky. Snarky is the slightly less aggressive of the two. Both wear studded collars, harking back to their “guard dog” roles of before.

Their voices are both Steve and mine’s imiations of Disney animator Ward Kimball’s voice: very gravelly and fiendish.


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