Corraling the George Characters.

Dang. I have a lot of characters with some George Harrison influence in them. For not even being a musician, I sure am inspired by the man a lot. (Imagine if I could still play guitar! Eek!) But what can I say? He did great things to listen to, laugh about, and ponder. I wish I could have worked with him with the puppets; he would have been a terrific guest star or guest voice.

I thought I’d gather all of the characters under one post because I wanted to show a couple of people the madness anyway. So, here we go:


First, there’s Hari,loosely based on Beatle George. He’s mostly quiet, but definitely has spunk and humor. Created to take the George slot in my little monster Beatles-tribute rock group  The Freakles.


Then there’s Morteza, inspired by older,Indian-influenced George. I liked the idea of a creature with eight arms and a mystical, thoughtful nature. Morteza doesn’t have a character page yet, but I have many of the materials for making him.


Then there’s Spike the Cockatoo.Compare him with late 80’s George and you might see the resemblance.XD I’ve been drawing Spike for almost two decades, and I think it’s time he existed in puppet form.


And then, of course, there’s The Feetles, made from socks and intended to lip-synch to Beatles tunes. They are half-finished and still need their arms sewn on! The George one is second from left, but I think only I can tell them apart right now.

Georgie ModFop is the “George” member of The ModFops, although unlike the real person he tends to take charge in this group.

but wait, there’s one more!

Here’s a bit of a departure from the cute puppets. George was a huge inspiration for the human form of the dragon called L’Angelo in my ongoing novel series, NorthClaw, so it seems only natural that a few features–heavy brows, hollow cheekbones, strong chin–transferred over to the dragon form.

I think that’s all, but I’m sure there’s more someplace. Dang, that’sa lot of Liverpudlian accent to spread around, haha.



  1. Nice, George-inspired characters; I do not recall sketches of the ones you have posted, however, I do remember one particular one from H.S – circa ’87 – one was a skinny George dog with the same bushy eyebrows. Did you ever name him, I think he was grey? Now the popcorn kernel one, he was kinda boring compared to all these. 😉 / fond, selective memories. -m

      1. Yes, but don’t tell, figured you knew already. ;-] – pls, delete me name, hiding from badness. 😛

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