Event Puppets–Squeeze and Halbag.

Steve wanted to go our for milkshakes last night. Although I was pretty bleary-eyed by 10PM,  I joggled awake once we got there. He’s so adorable when he wants to go out and do the simplest little things like drinking chocolate milkshakes and drawing on the placemats at Steak n’ Shake,how can I resist?

While we were drawing on the placemats, I decided to scribble out my ideas for two “Event Puppets”.

One is for Dragon Con. Yes, I finally have caved and have signed up to this thing all weekend. Conventions simply aren’t my bag; crowds of often hygenically-challenged people kind of creep me out, plus Dragon Con tends to bring out the exhibitionist in a lot of folks. Sometimes I just get tired of other womens’s butt crack and boobages, okay?

But, sometimes you gotta get exposure where you can. Plus, I can’t lie–the attention is glorious fun, as anyone who costumes or performs at a convention will tell you. I don’t have the body anymore for pushing the cleavage envelope, so, my puppets are how I have a good time.


This is Squeeze, one of the characters I want to make to take to Dragon Con. He’s essentially like a long, fuzzy boa constrictor that I’ll carry around my neck ad shoulders(notice goofy stick-figure drawing of me)and his body will wind around mine probably down to my waist and maybe down one leg. My right hand, of course, will operate his head. I plan on taking several puppets to DC, but this was going to be one of the new ones I’ll make for the event.


Then there’s Halbag, who I want to make for the annual Disney trip with the FBO’s. We will once again attend Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party(god, that name is a pain in the butt to type), and I’m determined to do something puppety on our trick-or-treat night. See, one party night we dress up in our Haunted Mansion costumes just to be seen and photographed and not worry about moving around much, and the other party night we run around in regular clothes and trick-or-treat. (Incidentally,The Haunted Mansion costumes are the only costume I’ll do now that involves someone else’s character,but even then, The Bride costume kind of doubles as my Evelyn character from Something Borrowed, so I can cheat a bit there.)

Getting back to Halbag..on our Halloween (sorry, I’m not typing all that name out again) party night that we trick-or-treat, and we’re free and uncostumed,I wanted to still have something eye-catching along in the form of a puppet, or even a funny trick-or-treat bag. Then I thought, why not combine the two? I’ll make a puppet who can carry trick-or-treat candy in a bag inside its body, and it can take the candy through it’s mouth; the candy-givers can “feed” it in there if they want to. It’s bound to be good for some laughs.

The puppet would have to be built a bit like Cookie Monster,with a mouth that is open at the back, with a chute for candy to be deposited into a bag. Then, there’s the problem of carrying it without the weight(we get a lot of candy at Disney) putting a strain on the puppet’s construction, and of course, how to get the full candy bag out after the night is over. I hadn’t even thought of looking for materials for making this puppet until,at a quick stop at Goodwill,I found a child’s bumblebee costume.


(pretty similar to this)

The costume has a round, fat little body that has dimension to it and zips up the front. It comes with a hood,which I would cut off and replace with the puppet head. But the body would be perfect, because not only would its plumpness keep me from having to give the puppet a foam body interior, but it can separate in the front in order to get the candy bag out. Plus since it’s a storebought costume it’s as tough as nails and has a good, strong construction. I think it will make a terrific body to build upon. Oddly enough, I had thought of making the bag creature black and orange, in Halloween colors, so this isn’t too far off from my original plan!

The name Halbag kind of just evolved from the words “Halloween bag”, obviously, 😀


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