The Seven-Foot Hairy Mess Has a New Name–Imar.

I like this guy so much I want to make another one, but perhaps call that one Mr. Squeeze. See, to me, “Mr. Squeeze” sounds a bit sinister, and the direction this character took is completly the opposite.


Steve has a brilliant eye for materials, and on a trip to WalMart this past weekend, he spotted these sparkling, gem-like black buttons. They were very large, too, and almost flat. We bought them simply to put away for later. Today, when I was about to put this fuzzy thing’s eyes on, I took off the big, yellow easter egg eyes and put on  the black buttons. Then I put a scrap of spiky purple-and-blue fur on the head and I got something reminiscent of Ollie from Kukla, Fran & Ollie. That thrilled me. I love the “Ollie” look . He seems so much sweeter and gentle now.

I added a huge blue tongue, and tada!

Here’s the mandatory after-midnight grainy pics:



As for his name, I simply love the name Imar. If you watch The Addams Family, you may have seen one episode in which Morticia is  knitting a sweater with three arms. That sweater was for Cousin Imar. 🙂


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