Full-body pic of Imar.

I really wanted a pic of Imar, full-body. But I need help with it. I’m also impatient. Since my husband isn’t at home at the moment, I lugged Imar down to the master bathroom to take a  picture in the mirror. I then flipped it, so you’re seeing the “real” image. 🙂




    1. Thank you! he’s the one I’m *thinking* of carrying in the parade, but I might make another one that’s less hairy. Thank you for the info on how to get the parade pass!

  1. Eee, Imar is awesome!! I can’t imagine how you managed to wrangle so much sparkle fur. That stuff’s just such a *joy* to work with, LOL.

  2. Good LORD, that’s a lot of critter! It’s like being hugged by the world’s cutest boa constrictor in a way. 🙂 He’s adorable.

    What all do you have planned for D*C? Cuuuurious!

    Side note I forgot to tell you: At Ren Fest, one of the girls we talked to turned out to be a D*C staff member and she said she’s REALLY pushing for a puppetry track for the con. It might not happen this year, but she’s got high hopes for next year. Keep you fingers crossed!

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