Continuing on Halbag.

We’re at the halfway mark, folks! His head is sewn together, as well as his body.


Here’s a quick, grainy pic in my mirror–I’m holding the pieces together pretty much the way I will sew them together.

Click the link to see how we got to where we are now:


Here’s his body, completely sewn together.


Unzip the back, and there’s the bee costume inside, providing a perfect place to keep candy.


I put in the mouth interior and pinned it to the face fabric.


After sewing up the face, I installed the “throat chute”.


It’s sad that his head is shaped a bit like a toilet,LOL….but anyway, there is a hole cut into the carboard of his mouth interior, and covering that  is a large slit in the black felt that lines his mouth. Beneath the slit is the throat chute, which is made of the same black felt.

Once I get the head sewn to the body, then I’ll make the limbs and maybe even a little tail. Woot!



  1. Eee! It makes me so happy to see something awesome being born from that yellow fur.

    And heehee — is the fuzzy green fabric from Joann? I think I recognize it — if so, I bought the exact same stuff a few months ago to make a blanket for a friend.

    (Will get back to you ASAP on the blue fur, by the way — I’ve been distracted by dentists and vampires this week. ;D)

    1. Thank you so much for this fur–I have always loved it, and now two characters will sproing from it!

      I do believe the green is from JoAnn–some of the double-sided micro-plush. Fleece didn’t seem quite right for his face; I wanted something with a little texture, plus that would be soft if people pet him.

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