Progress on Halbag.

Halbag is my Halloween Trick-or-Treat Bag puppet; even though I still have a few months before October and our Halloween  Disney trip,I want to complete any and all puppet projects for that way ahead of time.

Today, I dove in and I’ve made a lot of progress…


First, I decided on the fur, using more stuff I had already instead of buying anything new.  This is a long, tinsel-embedded fur that I got from my pal Jill in one of our “fur trades”. When Jill has made a horde of her adorable little plush monsters out of several yards of plush, she can get pretty burnt out on that plush. Enter our fur trades. I always buy whatever fur looks interesting, sometimes remnants I may not be able to use in a puppet but that I can use in a trade. And we exchange. I think I traded Jill a mountain of fleece for this, and although I have a specific character planned out for it, there’s still going to be plenty left over. It’s long and crazy, and with the sparkles it would be great for a character outside in the dark. I think it’s gonna be great.

The above pic may not look like much, but it’s Halbag’s body— I have sewn the bee costume inside this yellow plush. I took the plush off the bee costume, leaving it with with its polyester lining and some  batting which gives it a little “poof”. The bottom of the costume(where the child’s legs would stick out) has been sewn up to make the bottom of the candy bag. And remember, I’m only using the bee costume because it was a way to get a good,strong bag-shape that had a lining and had a zipper on it.I saved myself quite a lot of sewing.


Here is Halbag’s back, unzipped and unvelcroed. Now his body has a compartment in it with a polyester lining and an easy way to open up his back and get the candy out. And if the candy happens to melt or get sticky, the polyester lining can be cleaned.


I can’t believe how I’m utilizing every bit of this costume, almost. When I cut the hood off of the costume, I put it aside just in case, and I’m glad I did. The hood also has the  same plyester lining. I had been concerned about carrying Halbag around–thinking of how sweaty my hand was going to get, cradling his rear end, with all that fur. I turned the hood inside out, and sewed it into the body. Instead of having a furry butt he has a polyester-covered one, and that won’t become a matted,flattened mess with me holding him. It also has an extra bonus of adding some dimension to the stomach(although filling him upwith candy will handle most of that).


Here’s his foam head, and I haven’t even put the mouth interior in yet. Usually I never start a body until I’ve got the head right;my brain can’t work on he puppet without the head being perfect, but this time I went charging straight ahead on the body because I couldn’t wait to see if my idea worked.

Halbag obviously has a big chin; maybe even a throat sac like a pelican. You can see I’m still using pieces of the bee costume–the antennas will go on his head as poongas, although I was tempted to put his eyes on them. But no, he’s going to get a lot of wear and tear when he goes out, and I could see his eyes getting knocked off the stalks. Nope, not doing it. Also pictured is the bee stinger–I think I’ll make it into a little nose horn.

That’s about it for now. Much more tomorrow, I’ll bet!



  1. WOW. You are possibly the most industrious, creative woman I know.

    Yes, REALLY.

    I’m already seriously impressed with Hal and he doesn’t even officially have his head yet! That’s some great repurposing of that bee costume, every bit of it. He will be FABULOUS completed. Go, Liz, go!

    This has me looking at those Afterween costume clearances in an entirely different light.

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