Fake Fun Fur Finds!


First, here’s the booty that I got from Mintconspiracy in one of our Fur Trades. She also gave be a thick pack of remnant felt. YES!


Here’s the collar of a small coat I got at Goodwill–I think it will be great for Trinket’s face and ears.


The lining of a coat I found at a thrift store has a lovely cat-like print with tiny bits of gold tinsel throughout.


This is the awesome 60’s coat which I simply couldn’t wear..but I’m determined to make this into something wonderful.:)


This is the only remaining piece of the fabric used in a leopard costume my grandmother made for me when I was 6. It was packed away in my childhood junk. It’s still in teriffic shape, considering it’s over 30 years old.


Those of you who know me really, really well will probably know who’s going to be made out of this.:)



  1. I like that scaly stuff. Psh, I like it all.

    This reminds me that I need to get your fleece in the mail. I’m very very behind. 😦

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