Sebastian Sings Elton John

Two full songs: “Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word” and “Sad Songs”.
This was my first performance ever, at Tucker High School’s “Tucker Follies” in 1988. I am about 17 here, maybe still sixteen.

The puppet is Sebastian, an Afghan Hound, and he was the first hand-and-rod puppet I ever built, using someone else’s style, and I was still getting used to working the rods so he’s a bit clumsy.
But somehow,through all my fumbling, I was able to bring down the house in an auditorium full of teens and their parents and friends. The funny part is that when my act first starts, you hear a couple of the general loudmouth kids yelling and mocking. And then, as my mom said later, once the act got going people really got into it, and you could tell they “believed” that was a real little performer up there, and the audience just went completely bananas. Once the second song starts, the camera is banging and slamming around on its platform because a bunch of kids got up on the platform and started dancing.
The next day, people were coming up to me in the hallways and giving me high fives.
Thanks to my friend Paul Hart, who had them turn the spotlight back on me at the end.:)


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