Khan is Finished!

Here is my big, gorgeous, red Chinese Dragon puppet, Khan.


I still need a pic of me holding him over my shoulders(which is how he is operated) but here’s a full body shot. Khan nearly destroyed my workshop; it looks like a war zone in here now. I have hauled so much fabric in and out trying to find the right combinations of materials; he’s had four different sets of legs, three sets of nostrils, two sets of whiskers,,two sets of horns,has had his body trimmed down to half of what it was in width before,and has been the culprit of more pin-stabbings than I can count because I keep losing track of them in his long fur.

His “scales” are large copper sequins, glued on. We’ll see how well they stay; I sure like how they look.


I tried making nice sculpted nostrils, but what ended up looking the cutest were sparkly pink pom-poms. :/


I really like how his head turned out. This sparkly fur has a wild, exotic look and it flows so beautifully when he moves his head. His whiskers are fun foam, even though I had had plans for really colorful striped pipe cleaners–he had those first. Then I stabbed myself in the face with one when I picked him up, and I took them off immediately.

He also has more teeth than I’ve ever put on a character, and they are a bit fragile,so I’m hoping a lot of people don’t insist on sticking their fingers in his mouth.Why do people always do that with my puppets?


  1. Oh wow, he’s gorgeous!!!! I’m incredibly impressed – this is the first puppet I’ve seen you create from the ground up, and I’m really, really jealous of your talent! Will we be able to see some video of him in action?

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