Ghastly Green.

While I’m stuck waiting for fabric for Snud and Snarky’s bodies, I think I might attempt one more big, kickass dragon to take to Dragon Con as a walkaround puppet.

Ghastly Green.


This is the only sketch I have of her at the moment–a quick sketch on a Post-It note I did at my husband’s (and my former) office. But even this hurried little drawing captures her essence; she’s scaly, she’s nasty, and she’s HUGE.

I happen to have the right fabric for her body that was an impulse  purchase I made months ago- a terrific mottled-green, slick and shiny short fur. I’ll stretch the fur  by making sure I make her with her smoother underside out of a fleece or microplush, and I happened to find the EXACT PERFECT color in a microplush blanket at a Marshall’s store yesterday. I think I might need one more blanket, however, so if I can’t find a second or third one I may have to put out a call for help.

Ages ago she was actually supposed to be a sea monster; she’s long and snakelike, like a sea serpent, and with little short legs like an Eastern dragon. But she has the horned, scaly, evil demeanor of a Western dragon. A sea serpent wouldn’t have substantial horns like she does; not very streamlined for swimming.:) I guess I like to think of her as a cross of Western and Eastern dragons.


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