Jersey Devil.


I’m reviving an old character from the days when I worked for a company that made laser shows. The company no longer exists, so I can use this character now.I had been assigned to design the Jersey Devil for a show in Atlantic City–I was apparently the go-to girl for monsters even then. This is pretty close to what I drew back then.


I had used this for “research”. There are many different versions of the Jersey Devil, but this is my favorite, a bipedal creature with hooves, a horse’s head, little arms with paws,bat wings and a forked tail.

It just occurred to me that this, too, would be an awesome puppet…but,another, even more puzzling thing occurred to me; what color is it?

When we colored images for laser shows, everything-characters, props, environment–was seen only in outine form, and we would color those lines, but there was no “interior” to color. I can’t even remember what I color I made the outlines on my Jersey Devil. It might have been orange-ish.

My first instinct was to color it “devil” red–bright, candy-apple red, the color of the guy with the pitchfork, y’know? Steve says he could see it in earthy colors like browns and deep reds. I have a sample of an awesome olive-brown fur called “swamp monster”,but it’s rather long. I can only see my Jersey Devil as having a smooth, short coat.

This is definitely something to ponder.



  1. Yup! That was me! I was floored by that same early illustration of the Jersey Devil. I never would have thought to make him like that except for that!

    The whole CryptoZooey project was originally conceived as a puppet serial for the web (and all of the characters were originally designed as puppets), but when the story grew too large, I converted it into a comic book. One of these days, I’ll have to finish up issue 2. 😉

  2. I’d love to see them as puppets, though. Do you do anything else with puppets?
    Love the drawings, though. I think you’re the only other person I’ve seen take the “horse head” route with JD.

    Say, in the early Jersey Devil illustration, does it have paws on its front feet, or hooves? *squints*

    1. It looked like hooves to me. I opted for something closer to Tyrannosaurs Rex hands so he could sort of grab books and things. Creative License and all of that. 😉

      As for puppets, my main claim to fame is Melonpool, a comic I did for about a decade over at That gradually evolved into puppets based on the characters, which ended up on Kevin Smith’s site Quickstop Entertainment —


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