Birthday Party Idea.

I used to do birthday parties when I was a teenager, and I had quite the little business going. My dad  had to take me to gigs because I couldn’t drive yet was what was so funny.:)

I’ve had the gumption, and the encouragement, lately to start doing those once more, mainly because I need work. I mean, the economy ain’t gettin’ out of the toilet anytime soon, people. Birthday parties may not be the most glamorous thing, but they are fun, it’s using the beloved puppets in a positive way,and you get a lot of referrals by word of mouth. I can of course keep cranking on my show ideas here at home (the main thing holding stuff up right now is getting some decent lighting) and finally get out there and get working again.

This morning, I thought, What if I had a whole dragon-themed party agenda? I remembered I’m making Ghastly Green for Dragon Con..why couldn’t she be involved in a story about Western dragons–the greedy, treasure-hoarding type? And then I thought about having her directly involved with the audience. Maybe she could make all audience members “honorary dragons” and teach them how to roar properly, how to hold a fine gem and cackle with delight, etc..  and then remind the audience that we only do that when we are pretending we’re dragons.

In trying to find something different and unique, as well as entertaining, I happened to imagine Khan somehow being involved in a Chinese folk tale; either telling it or being a prominent character. Probably saving him till the end of a story, because he’s such an eye-popping thing of awesomeness,would be the best recipe. And then I found the perfect Chinese folk tale last night.

On a roll,I somehow thought of Quetzalcoatl. How cool would it be to also have  a story about the Aztec serpent god?

I’m simply giddy about it. I must start planning this so I can kind of advertise it at Dragon Con as well.


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