This is an entry I have been saving forever. Time to get this out.

When I was a kid, from 1976 to 1980, there was this wonderful, hip little  show that came on occasionally in the “educational TV” programs in the morning, so I could only watch it in the summer: Hot Fudge.

Filmed in Detroit and first hosted by Artie Johnson (yes, the “veeery interestink!” guy on Laugh-In), the show featured live actors and very stylized puppets including one of my favorite monsters ever, Seymour. The duo of the bearded musician Larry Santos and green, furry Seymour (voiced by producer Bob Elnicky) took over hosting after the first season.


Hot Fudge is perhaps best remembered for the truly unforgettable tunes that were presented over its four-year run. The puppets on the show were called “The Mits”,and included Glenn Denver, a puppet parody of John Denver,who stole many a show by crooning many of Hot Fudge’s songs. Over the course of the show’s run, four Hot Fudge Show albums were released: The Electric Fuzz – Rock ‘N Roll from the Hot Fudge Show, Larry and Seymour Sing Songs from the HFS, Glen Denver Sings Country from the HFS and Hooray for Friendship.

Mostly the show dealt with dealing with life’s daily problems when you’re a kid; fitting in, making new friends,getting along in school, understanding differences between people,and it sometimes talked about how to take care of yourself; health, hygeine, and a positive attitude. Seymour, being the resident furry green monster in a group of humans, often was the voice of sometimes worrying about being different and not fitting in.

Here’s a great clip with Seymour. I love his design, his voice, everything. I’d love to meet Seymour!This clip also includes a segment of  “Holey Moley!”,a sketch in which a simple minded man (Ron Coden) tries to outwit problems, but gets socked back.

Here’s clips of “Write On!” and “See More?”. The “See More?” clip has Seymour talking about having a crush on his teacher. God, he’s SO ADORABLE.

Seymour playing a tune in the guise of Elton John, usually featured at the beginning of the show, was always a favorite segment with me.(can’t find a clip)

But probably the best way to enjoy the Hot Fudge Show is simply to watch clips, listen to the music, meet the characters, and enjoy the real groove of HOT FUDGE.

Here’s the website and STORE. Comin’ atcha!

Larry and Seymour today

Larry and Seymour  today.

In 2007, a 90-minute reunion special was aired on the local Detroit PBS station that featured the entire original cast. For those that missed this walk down memory lane, it is available on DVD.


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  1. Hi I grew up loving the show! My favorite childhood memories were watching you on Sunday Morning in the late 70’s. I was wondering where I can purchase a Seymour plush toy? I sure would like to have that for my collection! Thanks for the memories!!-Johnny Rodriguez

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