Proton Pack is on the Way.


We had a very early birthday party for me today, and my wonderful husband, who knew I badly wanted a Ghostbusters costume, gave me this, with the additional mind-bending reassurance that my proton pack is almost finished and will be shipped in a day or two. I almost lost it.

First came the shirt, and Steve said something like, “It’s a sign of things to come.” I thought, Huh?

When I pulled the name patch out of the gift bag, my heart almost stopped. Then came the gloves (not shown) and the belt. And the jumpsuit was packed waaaay down in the bottom of the bag–very sneaky. Boots and a couple other accessories will come later.

My pal Dava and her husband first showed me how cool GB costumes can be, when we met up with them at Disney World last year and they had their infamous GB getups that they had built themselves. Boy, where they astounding. By the end of our Disney Halloween Party night, I wanted one.

Steve then showed me his OWN name tag, belt, and gloves. He said his proton pack is about to be started and he’ll get the jumpsuit shortly, because, of course, he’s doing one too. 😀



  1. The costume looks great on you. 🙂 What a cool B-Day gift. Glad to have been at you B-Day party, thx for the invite!

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