I met my new online friend Wyrmphreak yesterday–turns out she lives in my area, so we decided to meet up at our local Hobby Lobby. She has recently found a lot of joy in her new hobby of making cute and demonic little stuffed toys, but with this being her first real venture in sewing, she was looking for tricks, tips and ideas. Since I’ve always got something to babble about in that department, I took her all around the store and showed her fabric, notions,various craft items and trims. She was lamenting the limited colors of felt and its texture; it wasn’t quite as soft as she wanted. I think I’ve turned her on to fleece now.:)

Here is her site, home of the Demon Hearts.




  1. Hi! I saw this and commented to it on your LJ feed and wasn’t sure if you’d see it there so I am putting it here too:

    If she’s very unhappy about the colours of felt, she could make her own! It’s not a hard skill to learn, and you can buy roving of many colours to make it with. Just googling for “making felt” gives you a ton of links. There are also a lot of books about it, but one of the more recent ones (and my favourite) is Feltique by Nikola Davidson and Brookelynn Moore. The process is so cool and the colours you can pick are pretty much endless. I am definitely an addict. =) I’m needlefelting a hat at the moment.

    1. Hi Jackie – Actually, I’m not exactly crazy about the texture of felt. It’s a little too rough for me and it reminds me of wool which I’ve never liked. I’m much more the extra soft, plushie girl!! But thanks SO much for the tips. If I go back to using felt or incorporate it into my designs, I will definitely keep that in mind. I never knew you could make it yourself!! There is so much to learn. : )

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