That’s Our Boy!


Our good friend Zach was at our house recently for Steve’s birthday party. He showed me this lovely work of art– a home-printed Puppatoons shirt, featuring one of my “Happy Dragon” designs.  I had showed him a sample of a commission I was making for him,and he liked it so much he made a shirt from it (had I known, I would have sent him a much better file, without a plastic sleeve glare on it!)I was thrilled and flattered,and on top of that, once he got home, he made this adorable blog entry:

He wants to be a Vitale!

So Zach,we will make you our honorary son. I guess now I have to fix up a room for you and paint little hockey-playing dragons on the wall. And if you have Steph over, you’ll be chaperoned! 🙂


He even put Mo on the back. Truly Zach should be in charge of our marketing someday.


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