Want to know just HOW awesome my husband is?


My husband Steve is an animator–that’s how we met, back when we both worked in animation at Stone Mountain Lasers. He taught me almost all that I learned on-the-job; I had a basic knowledge of the concept of animation, but had never had any hands-on experience except little experimental films. We worked at Turner Studios together as well; he is still there and going strong as a lead animator.

He has worked on countless Cartoon Network  and Adult Swim projects, but his main claim to fame is being Lead Animator on the Adult Swim show Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law. I had the joy of working with him again for a few episodes of this program(I was prop designer), and it was a wonderful experience. Great director, animators, and a hilarious script.


Care to see some of Steve’s best work? Step right this way…Each clip lists what Steve worked on. Please keep in mind that Harvey Birdman is a show for mature audiences.

Birdgirl and Harvey

Birdgirl at window, stuff outside on the street

all of this

Everything except X entering (one of the BEST)

The first 2 scenes and the Birdgirl gets captured by the robot scene

Birdgirl jumps on the desk

All (one of my personal favorites)

Birdgirl and Phil scenes

almost all of this

All of this

Birdgirl, Harvey and Potamus



  1. *scrabbles at walls*

    Until I can form coherent thought again, I’ll just make a sweeping statement that covers it all: Steve’s beyond awesome. So thur.

    “Harvey Birdman” is still probably just about my all-time favorite Adult Swim show and remains so. Every aspect of it is very well done and it never fails to crack me up, even in repeats. (I was originally hooked by the Apache Chief episode, FYI.) I’m terrible in that I still parrot off lines from the show. I can’t help it, I’m a leeeetle bit of a fangirl. (Spotting old HB show characters is added fun.)

    It really is beyond cool that you BOTH got to work on it. I mean…WOW. Freaking sweet.

    *bear claps*

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