God Bless Carl Perkins.


For many years, I had a serious inferiority complex. Being out of work did not help,as well as spending far too much time in what was for me time-wasting activities on the internet; roleplaying,shopping,getting far too involved in fandom forums and worrying too much about what someone on the other end of a screen thought. I’ve also heard a lot of  “can’t” in my life, partially from my own mouth but also from other sources. I was a drama queen, emo to the hilt, and a real negative attention whore in the worst sense. I told everyone, everywhere, about every problem,every bit of TMI, every illness,every nitpick and complaint, every bad feeling and every suspicion of an upcoming problem. Then I would whine because no one would pay attention to my whining. In other words, I was a complete drag. How people lived with me I have no idea.

A little over a year ago, something snapped. In essence, a mirror was held up to my face. I didn’t like what I saw.With professional help and self-motivation, I began to change.There’s still a lot of areas I can improve–for instance, I still grumble lot and I can be very grouchy and opinionated, but now I keep plenty of other things to myself. I’ve learned that being open and honest is one thing, but sometimes one can be guilty of  just plain talking too damned much.

I can’t believe how far I’ve come. I’m motivated with I CAN. I try much harder to get along with people, be more businesslike, and take any opportunity to make new friends and try new things.Staying away from LiveJournal, which I believe encourages lots of long emotional whining if you’re the sort to be tempted,has helped more than anything, I think. It seems crazy that just a stupid internet social network can destroy you, but it nearly did. I’ve been entering contests and  I’ve actually become competitive.Work is now beginning to trickle in. Serious work! I treat every day like a full workday, and a chance to accomplish things. “Can’t” is not a word I let myself use or hear very often any more. I now believe in what I can do, and what I can learn. Positive thinking is the order of the day. And I’m telling you, it works. It really, really works.

During this time of re-discovery, I happened to hear a re-make of the great Carl Perkins’ song “Go Cat Go”, and couldn’t believe how much it stirred me to succeed. I’ve adopted it as my personal anthem. If I had a racehorse I’d name it Go Cat Go!

GO CAT GO (Listen here to almost the full song)

Oh, sometimes it ain’t easy boy, to roll out of bed

And shake the cobwebs a-hangin’ from your head

But you were born to be in the human race

And if you don’t start movin’

You’re gonna finish in last place!

You gotta go-go-go, go-cat-go-cat-go!

Hey, that sun is up and you can not lay around

Get off your butt, you can’t do it sittin’ down!

Don’t say you can’t, can’t never did a thing

If you believe you can and you can do anything!

You gotta go-go-go, go-cat-go-cat-go!

You gotta go-cat-go, you gotta hit that floor

You got to go-go-go, you got to go

Go-go-go, go-cat-go-cat-go!

It will always be something, no matter who you are

Poor man has his worries, just like the movie star!

Throw down your trouble, you get light on your feet

Just listen to the music boy, and move with the beat!

You gotta go-go-go, go-cat-go-cat-go!

Watch your step and stay off your brother’s toes

If your brother needs your help, help him carry his heavy load.

And when this thing is over, someone greater than you and I

Will award each winner with eternal life

You gotta go-go-go, go-cat-go-cat-go!


One comment

  1. I envy you for your newfound attitude. I haven’t gotten there yet, so life is a struggle most of the time. Maybe one day I’ll find that key to a better me. : ) Thanks for sharing!

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