Simplicity Halloween Contest.

I cannot sew clothes yet,but I don’t want to miss out on entering the Simplicity Halloween Costume Contest. I intend to make something simple, hopefully getting a little teaching from my costuming friends. I picked this:


I want to make the 50’s bobby soxer outfit and TOTALLY Halloween it up.


Black skirt

Orange blouse

Black/orange plaid scarf,maybe belt

Not sure about crinoline color..maybe purple or green? Yellow? Or just black?

Anyway, the icing on the cake will be a big spooky ghost rattling his chains as opposed to the cute poodle.:)

EDIT: Got my fabric today. Just need buttons, a crinoline/petticoat, and some hands-on instructions from my costuming  friends! (weeps)

One comment

  1. What a great twist on a classic outfit!! I love the ghost idea to replace the poodle. Simple, but so clever. My vote for the crinoline color is purple, but then again I’d probably always want a color to be purple. Either that or orange, but you’ve already got that. You could even do the belt and the scarf in purple too to carry the color through the rest of the costume.

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