Secret Project #2! Black Bunny!

Our friend “Annabella Griffin”,costuming expert and pirate fanatic, also loves black rabbits(which, oddly enough, is something I’ve always liked ever since reading about them in the old Pinocchio story).Anyway, her lifetime animal theme has been black bunnies, even her fictional pirate ship, hence the blog and the awesome Black Bunny Pirate Flag:

So this year for her birthday I decided to make her a little Black Bunny hand puppet. Steering away from my usual “muppet” or “mouth puppet” style, I took a more traditional path and made a glove puppet.

This is pretty much why you do not make black characters for screen and stage performance. You really can’t see much detail on the little guy, but for displaying in her home it’s okay, of course. His body is made from a calico fabric that has black and gray swirls, very Nightmare Before Christmas-ish,while his head and paws are black fleece. He had cute little black beady eyes, but on a whim I stuck pink googly ones on, and loved the result.
The reveal! I think she liked him.:)
Here’s the card I made!


  1. Very cute!

    On a side note, I’ve found that in making black characters for stage, instead of using ‘black’, you use shades of greys. This makes the character more three dimensional, as well as providing texture. If you use dark shades, and highlight areas with a lighter grey (or indeed, highlight areas – under the eyes for instance – with black), then from far away the puppet looks black. Close up and you can see the texture and differences in hues. Sponging works well to blend in the colours if using paints.

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