Secret Project #3 Completed!

If you were wondering about the post I made with the photo of Jamie Hyneman and wondered what sort of tomfoolery I was up to, wonder no more!


My Jamie the Walrus puppet will be attending Dragon Con with me next week. He was built for two reasons. The first was that my Geek Night friends dared me to–last weekend we were having a birthday party and we were watching Mythbusters, and the whole “you gotta do it” premise came about. The second reason is that I very much want to meet Adam Savage at Dragon Con,and I thought this character would make a hilarious photo opportunity.

Jamie the Walrus still needs aΒ  pair of glasses, which I will hopefully dig up in my vast box of found objects and props. His little shirt is a toddler shirt from a thrift store, and his beret his handmade. He has marbles in his flippers to make them flopsy. He was such fun to build I got him finished in just under 8 hours.

Wish me luck!

(file under Jamie Hyneman Mythbusters Walrus Puppet)



  1. I can’t get over how friggin’ CUTE he is! (And accurate, too! XD ) I’d almost bet money Adam will want to take the little guy back to M5 for keepers.

    “Here we see the Hyneman in its natural habitat as it scavenges for food…”

  2. That looks great. Get those glasses on him and you will have something that will be absolutely great. I think it will be a hit if you can actually meet Adam Savage. Would you consider giving it to him?

    1. Oh, my god…I didn’t even think about that. I guess if Adam really wanted him, I’d give him to him, or politely demand contact info so I could make him another….gotta have a little quid-pro-quo, after all…:D

  3. That looks great, nice job, I had to look at the real picture again and he does look walrus like, LOL.

    Why don’t you make a second before you go? Or is it too close to do that?

    1. I think it’s too close..I have lots of little things to take care of and he was my last puppet I was actually going to make for DC–i got started months ago, but now it’s down to the wire !

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