Adam Savage meets Jamie Walrus!



This was a totally non-allowed photo, according to the staff, but considering how many flashes and cheers erupted from the audience when I went down front to do this, I think the crowd would have tackled whomever would have tried to make me delete it. I mean, in the line to get in,people kept asking me, “Are you gonna take his photo with Adam?”  When I did manage to rush down front and it was my turn, I simply got caught up in the moment and just said, “All I want is a photo!” After it happened,one staff member did get very nasty with me. I do feel bad for people who lined up for pics and questions and were turned away because we were out of time. I  understand if they let one person take a picture, they should let everybody. But sometimes we get lucky in these situations.

I think Adam got a kick out of Jamie. He seemed a little surprised: “A..walrus puppet is first in line!”, then smiled and said, “I’ve…heard about you.” Then, on a whim, I turned around, held Jamie aloft, and the crowd went wild. And it was a huge,loaded ballroom full of people, maybe a thousand or two? Flashes went off left and right, blinding me. Steve was somewhere taking a photo, and he was using his camera, which has a tendency to take blurry photos when you don’t use a flash.

So Adam, if this wasn’t allowed and someone got mad at you,I sincerely apologize. I worked so hard to get this puppet ready, find you, track you down after trying to sort through that whole nutty schedule book and I was so thankful I got to take it. I loved hearing about your “100 Wishes”,and it’s terrific  how you like to get in there in costume and enjoy the Con with the rest of us.



  1. CONGRATS!!!


    Just so you know.

    The con staff can get over it–I’m positive they’ve dealt with worse things than a woman with a cute little mythbusting walrus! GO YOU!

    (Adam’s still adorable. Geek girl moment here. *squee*)

  2. That is great! And you are such a rebel breaking all the rules. I can just see security getting bent out of shape and hearing Jamie Walrus yelling “don’t taze me bro!” (in a low, slow voice of course.)

  3. SO AWESOME. 😀 Congrats!!! I’m loving your D*C adventures.

    Having never been to a con, I’m clueless about things like photo rules. Are photos not allowed because then everyone in the crowd would want one? And would the security/staff really get mad at someone like Adam for momentarily bending the rules?

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