Our Ghostbusting Crew!


Well, most of it. We are missing Mike, who was still changing.Left to right are Alex, Lindsey, Hal, Steve, and me, and I’m holding our Class Three Free Roaming Vapor!

I found this shot on the internet. If it’s yours, please let me know who you are and I will credit!

My suit is a  different from the others because mine was purchased before we really had all the research down pat,so mine’s  inaccurate–the “Number Three” grade suit. I don’t care–it’s actually more comfortable than the authentic suit.:) And check out my goggles that Steve put together from scratch! I love our goggles so much. They were killing my head, but it’s one of those times of pain in which you suffer for your art. I still have a pair of phantom goggles on my head that I keep reaching up to adjust, and I get a little startled when they’re not there.


One comment

  1. Now I can get caught up on all the fun…

    You guys look GREAT. Where the heck do you find this stuff? Also, all the props you got–even from the Shat!–are super cool.

    Heh–It’s fitting that a Ghostbuster would end up with phantom goggles. I want to see a closeup of them, BTW–the real ones. I’d like to see Steve’s work. 🙂

    (We walked past some of the cheapie GB costumes at Target yesterday and I could only shake my head and go *tsk tsk*. Talk about being pale in comparison to the real thing!)

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