DeviantArt and its Talentless,Thieving Dirtbags

So somebody decided they liked my pal Smits’ art work of the Beatles, namely this darling drawing of Ringo and a fangirl.

They decided to add it to their Deviantcrap, so they simply chopped off Smits’ work at the watermark, didn’t credit or even give the real name of the piece.

If I could find the names and credit every photo I use in my blogs, I would. I put it out there–if this is yours, let me know, I will credit you, take it down, whatever you ask. The originators deserve the recognition. And I would not even DREAM of snatching someone else’s artwork and displaying  it as mine. People like you,”Ilovebeatlegeorge”(God, what a way to give George a bad name) are precisely, PRECISELY the reason we artists and photographers DO load up our work with watermarks.

UPDATE: The offending piece has been removed! Thanks for your support and reports, everyone!


One comment

  1. Thanks for this. I’m still angry, I can’t help it.

    It’s different if you find something yet can’t find the actual source for it. The curse of the Internet is that while everything in the world is out there, sometimes you can’t find who it actually belongs to. You make a solid effort to do so, though. I know that.

    It’s when someone pulls a stunt like this and knowingly yoinks art/photos/etc and tries to pass it off as their own. Oh buddy, the can of worms this joker just opened… It ain’t gonna be pretty. (I’m keeping track of the comments and WOW, I’m overwhelmed by the support from everyone!)

    I hate watermarks, I really do, but it looks like I’ll have to really load up on them if I want to keep my stuff safe.

    Cursed thieves.

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