Can’t I please?


This past weekend I interviewed for a position at Netherworld Haunted House here in the Atlanta area. Although the really gory haunted houses aren’t my usual taste, this one is one of the most famous in the U.S. and it looks like it would be a great place to work. I’ve driven by it many times, wondering, “Should I try it?” and never did.

Now I have friends that work there, and after seeing my puppets, both of them said, and I quote, “Get your butt down here and apply, we need puppeteers”.

So Steve and I went down there this Saturday and waited in line, sitting out on benches out front. Netherworld is in an odd location–the back end of a large flea market that actually used to be a place  I frequented every weekend in my college years. But it brings in a lot of revenue; outer appearance can be deceiving.

After sitting and talking with two more friends, at last I had an interview and I think it went well. I had brought my ghost puppet, Vapor, and he made a few jokes like “You need a puppeteer? I got one. She’s not showroom new or anything but she’s pretty good.” They asked me a lot of questions about haunted attraction stuff I’ve done, and I explained that I’ve most done tame, charity-type stuff but that I’m accustomed to makeup and uncomfortable costumes. But I really wanted to push my puppetry skills, and that seemed to be what they were interested in. After my interview, they had one of my friends, Jane, come up and take me on  a backstage tour!

That was where I met Moby.


Moby is a very large animatronic plant, who has an even larger cousin not far away. The larger cousin is an enormous, eyeless face like a dragon or monster or even plant pod, that can shoot its head out from behind a scrim and chew on the guests! Jane demonstrated the larger creature for me and asked “Is this something you’d be interested in operating?


I was also shown a large tree creature that they thought I might be suited for working inside. I was excited.

So anyway, I’m hoping I’ll get a callback next week. Wish me luck, folks!



  1. That would be so cool Liz. The wife and I keep meaning to go, but I had some bad experiences at haunted houses as a kid and even though I know nothing is going to happen I still get scared…

    1. I TOTALLY don’t blame you–those things can indeed stick with your for life. And there’s even stuff in this one that kind of pushes my heebie-jeebie buttons,but now that I’ve seen everything with the lights on its not so bad. The big man-eating puppet certainly gave me a scare when it first roared out from behind the scrim!

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