Hinky Binky!


Last week I was approached by the director of a play called Fuddy Meers that will be playing at a small community theater in San Diego.  One of the characters in the play has a smart-talking hand puppet called Hinky Binky.  While looking for images of hand puppets, he came across a  photo of my Yaddadda called Beige, and he thought he was fantastic. Within two-and-a-half days, Hinky Binky was discussed, planned,shopped for, created and shipped. He just arrived at his destination and I received this kind letter:

Hinky Binky arrived at my office today and I just wanted to tell you you did a great job!  It is cute and a complete non-sequiter for the dark, expletive riddled part he’s playing.  We used him at rehearsal this evening and it is just fantastic.

Good luck, Hinky, out there in the big world! Break an arm!



  1. Just wanted to let you know we saw Hinky Binky opening night at PowPac theater. He added much to the production & was especially appreciated at the end of Act 1 where he was repeatedly stabbed.

    Thanks for your assistance with making the play a success.

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