Disney Halloween Goodness!



Vapor was very excited to have a chance at being the 1,000th Ghost in the Haunted Mansion!


Steve and I weren’t too sure the other 999 Happy Haunts were happy to see us, considering how we were dressed.:)


Vapor had a photo opportunity with Master Gracey’s portrait!


..and, when we were out to eat beforehand, I decided to recreate a scene from Ghostbusters, with Jesse lending a hand in puppeteering across the table.



    1. We did HM costumes one night, all eight of us(we have 2 friends that work down there that we met up with) and then the next party night only Steve and I dressed up, in our GB gear.

  1. You all look like you are having a blast, the pictures look great and that last one of the Ghostbusters scene made me laugh a little too loud, the office is looking at me…

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